Testimonials: Pupils

“GROWHOUSE has been a very fruitful and enjoyable experience for me. The course allows us to unlock different elements of film production, including narrative voice, camera angles, sound effects etc.

Throughout the process, we developed a huge variety of activities to approach the intended objectives of the course. For example, we wrote a monologue for better understanding of the characters inside the film, while exercising our writing skills by giving a narrative from different perspectives for different scenes in the movie. Each stage has its own logical task which was one of the things I liked about GROWHOUSE.

I particularly enjoyed my debating activity with my teacher. We did a debate about the morality of our designated movie. It was so much fun not only because I can acquire the skills of giving arguments from a different perspective, but also the pace that we had was quite intense, while honing my public speaking skills too.

For parents and students who are considering joining the course, I strongly encourage you to take it, as it certainly allows us to look at films from a different way, while enjoying various types of activities. It definitely will be a worthwhile experience.” 

J, Film Stage 4

“The mindmap made me really recap everything I had learnt about creative writing and refreshed my memory. I really enjoyed seeing the end result, too.  I enjoyed discussing my opinions/ideas with my peers and seeing if they were similar or different.”

P, Fiction Stage 3

“My most memorable moment was writing the short descriptive story. I enjoyed learning how to set the scene and describe it in a descriptive and interesting way”

S, Film Stage 3