Testimonials: Parents

“Both my kids have attended Film but with different levels, they have developed confidence throughout the unit, growing more comfortable to contribute ideas to class discussions. They both enjoyed attending class everyday and immersed in class activities happily. They were willing to share their knowledge and ideas with their classmates.

I would certainly recommend the courses at Growhouse to any parent who is looking for classes to build up confidence levels of kids in an enjoyable class atmosphere”.

-N Pang – a parent of FILM stage 2 and Stage 1 students

Growhouse provides an environment where reading and critical thinking are encouraged and inspired in a way where children are not judged.

My daughter was happy to find out there is no right or wrong answer in expressing her views and feelings on a book or film. We were happy to discover that when given the opportunity and guidance, she was able to express herself in pictures and writing, beyond our expectations

What differentiates Growhouse is that they are not tutorial classes. I would highly recommend the courses provided one is looking for an opportunity for children to develop and nurture their love for reading and expression without stress”.

– P. Man, a parent of a FILM Stage 1 student

“We are writing to say how much my children enjoyed their recent courses at Growhouse. Having completed the Fiction course appropriate for their ages, they have come away with a new enthusiasm for reading both fiction and non-fiction, as well as a greater sense of enquiry.

Both children thoroughly enjoyed attending every class every day and got absorbed in the role play and felt confidence contributing and discussing their thoughts and ideas with the group. They learned how to view characters in the text through different qualities such as empathy, sympathy, etc etc.

I would thoroughly recommend the courses at Growhouse to any parent considering joining a course there as it certainly will build on your child’s existing love of reading and will enhance their confidence in areas such as a role-play and speaking publicly”.

F Towson, a parent of FILM stage 2 students

“The learning aspect my child enjoyed most in GROWHOUSE was exploring extension material related to the text, as well as analyzing the text itself. From taking her Stage 4 course, she learned how to closely inspect different forms of literature and understand the implications of the texts. For other children and parents interested in taking GROWHOUSE courses: I can say that my child enjoyed the class a lot, and found every part of the course engaging and fascinating, especially the poetry!”

– Mrs. Ng, a parent of a FICTION and FILM stage 4 student