Terms and Conditions

By enrolling into courses offered through GROWHOUSE and any related companies (collectively referred to as “GROWHOUSE”, the student and parent or guardian agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


Enrolment is on a first come, first served basis, subject to the availability of class registrations. Enrolment may be subject to a pre-course assessment, and we reserve the right not to accept a registration for a student who, in the opinion of GROWHOUSE, is not suitable for the course.

Class Sign-Up:

Classes are offered each day Monday – Saturday for most stages. A class will be opened with a minimum of 2 students registered. We will endeavour to offer your first choice timing, however in the case of no other students signing up for this time slot, the student will be assigned to their next choice time slot will be assigned.


Course fees are payable in advance on a monthly basis, no later than the first class scheduled for each month, or the payment dates as indicated. Late payments received after the end of the month due will be subject to a late fee of $200.

Course fees are non-refundable unless notice of absence is given as stated below.

Absence: Regular Classes

If a student is unable to attend their designated class, they may attend another session of the same stage within the same week. All classes for a particular stage will have the same content within a given week. If none of the classes during that week can be attended, no make-up class will be provided.

If a student is expected to miss a class, we would be grateful to receive advance notice, for appropriate class preparation.

Notice of Absence: Holiday Classes – summer, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Easter, Term Break)

If a student is absent from a Holiday Class, there will be no make-up class, and the tuition fees are non-refundable except in cases when such absence is due to sickness to be supported by a medical certificate or other reasonable causes of emergency.


Adverse Weather Conditions Policy

If a Typhoon 8, Black Rainstorm or Red Rainstorm signal is raised, or there are any enforced closures by the EDB, classes will not be held. If students are unable to attend other sessions during that week, there will be a make-up class or refund for classes cancelled due to adverse weather.  In this case, GROWHOUSE at our discretion, will arrange a make-up class, at a time set according to classroom availability. If the student is not available for the make-up class, no further arrangements for a make-up class will be made.

Classes will be held if the Typhoon 8, Black Rainstorm, or Red Rainstorm signal is lowered at least two hours before the scheduled start of the class, or before 4.00pm.

Food and Beverages

Students are generally not permitted to eat or drink on GROWHOUSE premises. However, for some special circumstances, for example the intensive schedule, or other personal health reasons (i.e. diabetics, level of blood sugar, etc.), students may have drink/light snacks during the break or after asking the teacher for permission. Meanwhile please inform us of any allergies the child has in advance.


Discussion in Classes

Some units address challenging topics, designed by London Gifted and Talented to stimulate critical thought and exploration within real-life contexts. Learners will be challenged whilst supported with expert guidance from the teacher. That said, learners will not view or read anything they express discomfort with. Should parents have any concerns or questions, they are welcome to contact the teacher.



Students, parents and guardians are not permitted to reproduce, publicise, distribute or show to any other person any of the class material provided by GROWHOUSE, in whole or in part.  GROWHOUSE reserves the right to take legal action if necessary.

Students, parents and guardians are not permitted to make private arrangements for tuition with any staff employed by GROWHOUSE.

Students, parents and guardians give consent for photos and videos taken during classes to be used by GROWHOUSE for promotional purposes. GROWHOUSE reserves all rights to photos and videos taken on GROWHOUSE premises.

Students, parents and guardians give consent that classwork may be used by GROWHOUSE for promotional or educational purposes.

Parents and Guardians are required to arrange drop-off and pick-up from GROWHOUSE. GROWHOUSE does not require students to sign out or notify staff when they leave the premises, and GROWHOUSE is not responsible for students once they leave the premises.

GROWHOUSE will not be held responsible for personal injuries, accidents, losses and damages incurred by the student while on GROWHOUSE premises, except according to law.


Refund Policies and Procedures


Refund Policies

If a course cannot be operated according to the arrangements specified at the time of registration, and the student declines the revised arrangements, GROWHOUSE will refund the student the full amount of course fees paid, or on a pro-rata basis as applicable, not later than one month following the request for the refund.

In the case of permanent closure prior to the commencement of a course, GROWHOUSE will refund the full amount of course fees paid, not later than one month following the request for the refund.

In the case of unforeseeable cessation of a course after commencement, GROWHOUSE will refund the course fees paid on a pro-rata basis, not later than one month following the request for the refund.

Refund Procedures

GROWHOUSE will inform students’ parents or guardians of the refund arrangement, in accordance with the above policies by email.

Presentation of the course receipt is required to receive the refund, which will be paid in cash or by cheque. The receipt can then be kept by the parent or guardian, who will be required to sign to acknowledge receipt of the refund.

Privacy Disclaimer

Data collected through enquiries and enrolment may be used for the promotional marketing of products, facilities and services provided by GROWHOUSE or our business partners. Please see the privacy policy online at http://growhouse-lgt.com/privacy-policy/ for full details.