Stage 3: ages 11 – 13

Learners who have developed their critical thinking and literary skills will enhance both their written and verbal communication skills in order to express knowledge with confidence and impact


Who’s it for?
Enthusiastic readers who will explore the complexities of charaacters and events, and want to engage with ethical, social and medical issues.

Key texts:

The Hunger Games, Pig Heart Boy, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Programme Approach:

  • Explore alternative interpretation
  • Development of confident dialogue between the book and reader
  • Group discussions and personal responses
  • Growing awareness of global and historical issues

Key Learning Attributes and Skills Developed:

  • Empathy
  • Improved confidence and mastery of language
  • Public speaking skills
  • Inferencing and making connections
  • Knowledge of moral and ethical issues
  • Using texts rigorously to support interpretations

Activities and Application:

  • Hotseating from characters’ perspectives
  • Independent writing
  • Researching and understanding of themes/ideas
  • Individual presentations


Who’s it for?
Enquiring minds who want to discover the complexities of real life and global issues

Key texts: The Diary of a Young Girl, various short stories, film clips , newspaper/journal articles, extracts from novels

Programme Approach:

  • Promoting enquiry skills
  • Discussing relationships between cause and effect
  • Widening knowledge of real-life issues
  • Group discussions and personal responses

Key Learning Attributes and skills developed:

  • Interpreting and clarifying
  • Discussing moral and ethical issues
  • Substantiated conclusions through research
  • Empathy
  • Independent learning skills

Activities and Applications:

  • Extended writing opportunities to demonstrate analysis
  • Independent research project opportunities
  • Debates linked to global issues

Writing opportunities: letters, news reports, diary accounts


Critical thinkers who want to learn new techniques to analyse structure, character and filmic devices to enhance communication skills

Key texts: Various trailers and short clips, Amelie, Edward Scissorhands

Programme Approach:

  • Using film texts as bridging tool for written texts
  • Broadening knowledge of a range of challenging topics
  • Growing awareness of global issues
  • Opportunities for structured film analysis

Key Learning Attributes and skills developed:

  • Application of film and literary theory on different examples and sources
  • Analysing aspects of structure, setting and character
  • Empathy and metacognition
  • Understanding filmmaker’s devices
  • Public speaking, performance and debate

Activities and Application:

  • Independent presentation
  • Researching filmic devices
  • Analysis of events, issues and symbolism found in film
  • Writing opportunities: film trailers, sales pitches, persuasive writing, critical essays, descriptions, screenplays
  • Developing trailers