Stage 2: ages 8 – 11

Strengthen the critical mind and ignite the passion to explore further


Who’s it for?

Less experienced or less confident readers who need exposure to a range of literature to promote reading for pleasure, and to develop their critical thinking skills.

A careful selection of well-known contemporary and classical literature is incorporated into each stage. Examples include: Journey, Blown Away, The Magic Finger, Hamish and the Worldstoppers, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, The Lightning Thief

Programme Approach: 

  • Entering the world of the book through the study of setting and character
  • Exploring aspects of the book such as the plot, characters, purpose, audience, and themes
  • Re-creating the book by producing own written or illustrative pieces

Key Learning Attributes and Skills Developed:  

  • Making connections to own experiences and other film and literature
  • Empathy development
  • Sharing personal responses
  • Explaining understanding through verbal and written responses
  • Applying book appreciation to own creations
  • Questioning the characters, the author and the events in the story in order to further probe understanding of key themes and issues

Activities and Applications: 

  • Group discussions
  • Personal reflections
  • Writing activities: postcards, diary accounts, letters, posters, play scripts
  • Drama
  • Mind mapping
  • Storyboards

Course Structure

Stage 1A (ages 5 – 6):            10 sessions 90 minutes per session

Stage 1B (ages 7 – 8):             10 sessions 90 minutes per session

Stage 2 (ages 8 -11):                10 sessions 90 minutes per session


Who’s it for?

Young readers who wish to sharpen their critical thinking skills through textual analysis, contextual understanding and narrative techniques

Key texts:

Cloud Busting, Street Child, Private Peaceful

Programme Approach:

  • Small group discussions and personal responses
  • Building cultural capital through exposure to historical sources
  • Creative and analytical responses
  • Discussion of real life concepts such as bullying, justice and courage

Key learning attributes and skills developed:

  • Empathy and metacognition
  • Developing own line of enquiry
  • Presentation skills
  • Confidence

Activities and Application:

  • Writing activities: characters’ perspectives, narrative, postcards, poetry, letters
  • Independent research projects
  • Research and note taking
  • Drama activities
  • Exploring moral and ethical issues

Who’s it for?
Young readers who want to find out more about world issues and develop research and enquiry skills

Key texts:
Variety of short films

Programme Approach:

  • Asking sophisticated questions in order to fully explore topic
  • Finding creative solutions
  • Exposure to real life issues
  • Discussing relationship between cause and effect

Key Learning Attributes and Skills developed:

  • Empathy and metacognition
  • Enquiring and clarifying
  • Arriving at substantiated conclusions
  • Identifying and discussing themes

Activities and Application:

  • Group presentations linked to research
  • Critical and close reading of texts
  • Independent presentations of written tasks
  • Writing opportunities: poetry, tourist brochures, postcards, advertisements, letters, news articles, diary accounts


Who’s it for?

Young thinkers who would benefit from the tools and film devices to develop their communication skills

Key texts:

Lion King, short film clips and film poster

Programme Approach:

  • Using film text as a bridging tool for written text
  • Analysing writing craft
  • Promoting excitement and engagement in learning through case study of Lion King
  • Structured film analysis

Key Learning Attributes and skills developed

  • Critical reasoning skills
  • Empathy
  • Understanding filmic devices and its effects on the audience

Activities and Applications:

  • Group and independent analysis of short films
  • Creative and critical response to film and writings
  • Creative film posters
  • Writing: narrative, job advertisements, film posters, biography, creating own story