The Pioneer course builds upon foundations for critical thinking, social-emotional development, and creativity in learners aged 7-8. Here, learners develop and practice academic and interpersonal skills that are fundamental to a meaningful engagement with the world.


Class Schedule and Pricing

8 units, each comprising 4 sessions of 1 hour each

$2,400 for 4 sessions (1 unit)

20 sessions available in total

Classes available: Monday – Friday 17:15 – 18:15

Saturday 11:15 – 12:15 (Repulse Bay), 15:15- 16:15 (Central)

Choose 1 class time per week

Classes will be opened with minimum 2 students per class


Course Content


Ocean Voyages

Developing close reading skills

Learners hone their curiosity and observation skills in their exploration of life in the ocean, investigating the mysterious lives of deep-sea creatures and epic events like the Titanic disaster.


Bizarre Beasts

Practicing character creation and development

Creatures and animals of all sorts make their way into children’s literature. Journey into their magnificent worlds to see how authors and filmmakers alike make stories come alive with their beastly creations. 


Origins of Life

Applying critical questioning and logical deduction skills

Learners are immersed in the world of dinosaurs and contemplate the beginnings of life on earth, investigating theories like The Big Bang.


Faraway Places & Magical Lands

Enhancing written and spoken communication skills

Learners are encouraged to understand maps as much more than a tool of navigation: They are also a way of expressing identities, cultures and memories. Learners get to practice as they see how their own lives can be mapped in creative ways.


Flights of Fancy

Honing reading comprehension through understanding contextual cues

Learners discover the magic within them as they unravel the beloved story of Matilda and other related texts. They practice identifying character motivations, making predictions, and discussing the themes of stories they read. Let your imaginations roam!


Ingenious Inventions

Exercising critical thinking in daily life

Learners explore how creativity and innovation, and thinking “out of the box”, help to solve problems and see the world from different perspectives. They will investigate how critical thinking is fundamental to providing solutions and broadening their world.


Dynamic Fiction

Improving creative writing

What makes a story exciting and interesting? Learners are exposed to a range of character archetypes and story structures seen in books and films like Martin Scorcese’s Hugo, broadening and deepening their understanding of how narratives shape their understanding of the world around them.


Re-imagining the World

Applying consequence-based thinking in the real world

This unit explores issues of environmental conservation and protection. Through examining depictions of future and imagined worlds in a range of media like award-winning film Wall-E, learners are urged to reflect on their responsibility to care for and sustain the environment.