GROWHOUSE proudly offers Ascend, an innovative new programme that teaches the fundamental skills for academic excellence and success. Parents will also obtain access to exclusive accompanying videos from family coach Ms Cora Ha, which provide tips and tools on how you can play an active role in your child’s learning journey.


Class Schedule and Pricing

6 units, each comprising 4 sessions of 90 minutes each

$2,880 for 4 sessions (1 unit)

20 sessions available in total

Classes available: Monday – Saturday

Monday, Wednesday, Friday  17:15 – 18:45 (Repulse Bay)

Tuesday, Thursday 17:15 – 18:45 (Central)

Saturday 11:15 – 12:45 (Repulse Bay), 15:15 = 16:45 (Central)

Choose 1 class time per week

Classes will be opened with minimum 2 students per class


Course Content


Close Reading

Improving questioning and analysis skills

Students learn how to read actively so that they can understand texts beyond basic comprehension, and to ask probing questions about how ideas are communicated.


Deep Enquiry

Applying empathy to understand real-word issues

Through the close examination of historical, social and literary contexts, students gain a deeper understanding of and connection to the world.


Empathy and Emotional Acumen

Improving interpersonal skills

Students learn the importance of adopting multiple perspectives to test the validity of their own beliefs, values and convictions, whilst developing a higher awareness of how emotions impact the way we think.


Ethical and Moral Reasoning

Learning how to develop, explain and defend personal opinions

Students evaluate a range of ethical and moral issues from history to the present day, and practice evidence-based reasoning in order to ask deeper questions about them.


Persuasive Reasoning

Honing effective debating and persuasive skills

Students practice the art of persuasion in order to develop confidence in expressing ideas both verbally and on paper, whilst respectfully challenging others.


Creating Original Ideas

Expanding creativity and imagination in forming ideas

Through practicing critical analysis and creative expression, students learn how to think, feel and write powerfully, whilst presenting their own unique take on the world.