It has been well researched that interested readers read more and, thus learn more. Encouraging one to read Non-Fiction texts is a highly effective way to spark his/her curiosity, build a variety of life skills and prepare for future success.

Recommended Ages 5-8

Young learners will be led through exciting texts specifically chosen to widen knowledge and promote imaginative participation. They will also learn listening, questioning and thinking skills.

Recommended Ages 8-11

In addition to the learning outcomes and skills achieved by our learners in the Ages 5-8 sequence, readers aged 8-11 will also learn how to analyse the construction of a piece of writing.

Recommended Ages 11-13

We continue to build upon the global issues touched on in previous sequences such as conservation, war, migration and the definition of a hero.

Recommended Ages 13+

Learners will explore tools to analyse the issues that they encounter. This includes the craft of writing, interviewing and journalist techniques, Socratic debate, critical thinking and problem solving.

*Starting literacy learning early can be an important first step to increase enjoyment of and preparedness for the GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-Level and AP programmes.