It has been well researched that interested readers read more and, thus learn more. Encouraging one to read Non-Fiction texts is a highly effective way to spark his/her curiosity, build a variety of life skills and prepare for future success.

Recommended Ages 5-8

Young learners will be led through exciting texts specifically chosen to widen knowledge and promote imaginative participation. They will also learn listening, questioning and thinking skills. Learn about Programme Details

Recommended Ages 8-11

In addition to the learning outcomes and skills achieved by our learners in the Ages 5-8 sequence, readers aged 8-11 will also learn how to analyse the construction of a piece of writing. Learn about Programme Details

Recommended Ages 11-13

We continue to build upon the global issues touched on in previous sequences such as conservation, war, migration and the definition of a hero. Learn about Programme Details

Recommended Ages 13+

Learners will explore tools to analyse the issues that they encounter. This includes the craft of writing, interviewing and journalist techniques, Socratic debate, critical thinking and problem solving. Learn about Programme Details

*Starting literacy learning early can be an important first step to increase enjoyment of and preparedness for the GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-Level and AP programmes.