Jul 27, 2015  Inspiring Hong Kong’s Gifted Learners to Excellence in English Literacy, an external collaboration                        between GROWHOUSE and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted  Education

May 29, 2015  English Literacy Education and Books as featured on the Perks Page

May 9, 2015  Partnership with GROWHOUSE, Giftwell

May, 2015  Take a Journey with GROWHOUSE, Expat Parent

9 April, 2015 Why Early Literacy Matters, Sassy Mama Hong Kong

April, 2015 Literacy Learning, Playtimes

24 March, 2015  The Power to Educate the World, BT News

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2015 Report – Interested to see what high-achieving kids read most often?  Click here for this interesting excerpt.

What Kids Are Reading is an independent study written by Keith Topping, Professor of Education and Social Research at Dundee University.  It is published annually by Renaissance Learning.