Inspiring Hong Kong’s Gifted Learners to Excellence in English Literacy

In Collaboration with The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) GROWHOUSE Education Centre sponsored their Curriculum Programme

to the awardees of the 2014/15 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award


(July 27, 2015) Hong Kong – In support of their shared goal of inspiring excellence in English literacy, GROWHOUSE Education Centre (GROWHOUSE) has entered into an external collaboration with The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. They will provide their student members, who are also eligible awardees of the 2014/15 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award, with a seat in the GROWHOUSE FICTION programme this summer. This external collaboration aims to acknowledge the students’ outstanding performance in poetry writing, develop their critical and creative thinking skills and build their cultural capital. This remarkable literacy programme was devised by London Gifted & Talented.

The 2014/15 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award was co-organized by the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE). The Prize-Awarding Ceremony was held on Saturday Jun 27 at Wei Hing Theatre, City University of Hong Kong.

The Award is aimed to encourage students to express themselves creatively through writing poetry in English, develop their higher-order thinking skills and enhance their awareness and appreciation of poetry, whilst striving for excellence in language and literature. At the same time, the Award acts as a channel for schools to identify gifted English literacy learners for further training in creative writing.

The screening for eligible candidates of the Award was held at the GROWHOUSE Education Centre on Friday Jul 10, 2015. The panel consisted of Ms. Queenie Choi, Student Programme Development Officer of HKAGE, Mr. Ian Warwick, Founder and Senior Director of London Gifted & Talented, Ms. Jannie Tam, Senior Director of GROWHOUSE Education Centre, and Ms. Charlotte Hankin, Manager, Teaching and Development of GROWHOUSE Education Centre.

Each applicant was screened for their English language proficiency, creativity, critical thinking and their commitment through an individual presentation and group discussion, before being awarded a seat in the nine-day intensive GROWHOUSE FICTION programme.

“I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the candidates I met. Not only did they produce exceptional writing for the poetry contest, but they also exhibited confidence in their work and abilities to relate to me and other panel members. I look forward to seeing these talented individuals grow even further in both their criticality and their creativity through the GROWHOUSE FICTION programme,” commented Ian Warwick.

Throughout this nine-day programme, successful applicants will have their imaginations stretched as they hone their critical thinking skills through a broad range of specially selected Fiction texts. They will acquire a deeper familiarity with a full range of literary forms and genres under a structured agenda for the development of wider reading tastes.  The materials will also encourage students to learn about literary tools through exploration of storytelling and texts. A Certification of Attainment will be issued by London Gifted & Talented to award those who successfully complete the entire nine-day programme.

“Among all the programmes that LGT produced over the last decade, the GROWHOUSE English literacy programme is the one that I am most proud of,” commented Ian Warwick.


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卓越追求 ─ 啟迪香港資優學生的英語讀寫能力





(2015年07月27日)香港 – 啟發學生追求卓越的英語讀寫能力皆是GROWHOUSE教育中心與香港資優教育學苑(資優學苑)的共同目標。故此於今個暑假,GROWHOUSE 與香港資優教育學苑協作,為2014/15香港傑出學生詩人(英文)獎得獎的資優學苑學員提供合適的英語讀寫能力增潤課程。此課程由英國London Gifted & Talented所設計及編寫而成。此次合作旨在表揚學生們於寫作英文詩歌上的傑出表現,加強培養他們的批判性思考能力和創造力,建立個人的文化資產。




GROWHOUSE教育中心已於七月十日對參加者進行甄選,評審小組由香港資優教育學苑學生課程發展主任蔡寶漫女士、London Gifted & Talented 始創者及高級總監 Ian Warwick、GROWHOUSE高級總監譚天心女士及該中心教學與課程發展部經理Charlotte Hankin組成。




Ian Warwick先生期望:「參加學生的素質給我的印象十分深刻。他們不僅於這次詩歌比賽中創造了優越的作品,並且透過其作品和能力向我和其他小組成員表達其信心。我期待著看到這些出眾的學生們於完成GROWHOUSE增潤課程(小說)後,他們的創造力及批判性思維能力將有更進一步的提升。」


在這九天的增潤課程內,學生們將會接觸及閱覽廣泛的小說文章,深入了解及全方位地探討各文學形式及其體裁,鍛鍊其批判性思維能力。所有教材及文章都經過精心挑選,通過課堂上的活動,培養並發展他們廣泛閱讀各類文學作品的興趣。同時該教材可令學生通過探索了解故事演講和文章分析,學習到有關讀寫文學的技巧。凡完成此九日的增潤課程均可獲得由London Gifted & Talented簽發的證書以作嘉許。   Ian Warwick先生表示:「在過去超過十年裡LGT設計的課程之中,GROWHOUSE讀寫能力增潤課程是我最感自豪的。」