GROWHOUSE has partnered with London Gifted and Talented “LG&T” to devise an exclusive learning programme that promotes strong English literacy skills to all learners that is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.  As a for-profit social enterprise, GROWHOUSE’s ambition is to enhance literacy levels amongst all learners and to bridge the privileged with the underprivileged.

The GROWHOUSE philosophy is “Low Threshold, High Challenge Literacy Learning.  Nurturing Excellence and Realising the Potential of All Learners” is a very clear mandate to make literacy learning accessible and to challenge all learners at all levels of ability.  GROWHOUSE has strategically chosen to work with LG&T due to its experience with varied types of learners including those from elite schools such as Wellington College and Eton College to the underprivileged in inner city schools.  LG&T’s astounding work has been recognised by Ofsted as “A centre of excellence to raise the aspirations and attainment of talented London students”.

Ian Warwick, Founder of London Gifted & Talented said: “The reality is that across the world smart but disadvantaged children are underachieving on an industrial scale. They are the kids who don’t get to go to the cultural events, don’t get to hear the right words spoken at home, don’t have the parents helicoptering in when they start to slip and slide. In short they are the very kids we need to support the most or their talent will be squandered, their aspirations abandoned.”

Through GROWHOUSE’s literacy-based classes, all learners aged 5-13+ can engage in meaningful discussions and purposeful activities so as to develop important tools including:  critical thinking abilities, learning skills, creativity and empathy.

GROWHOUSE has also partnered with BT (British Telecom) to help the underprivileged in Hong Kong.  Using the BT MeetMe™ with Dolby® Voice™ crystal clear audio conferencing service, GROWHOUSE’s teachers and programme graduates will be able to teach via eLearning so that more learners can enjoy and benefit from its literacy-based programmes.  This partnership accomplishes GROWHOUSE’s vision to inspire through literacy and BT’s commitment to a Better Future by using the power of communications to make a better world.

Jannie Tam, Senior Director of GROWHOUSE, said: “All learners can be stretched to a higher level.  By working with London Gifted and Talented, we are able to provide an engaging programme for all learners, with no ceiling to limit their potential.   The support from BT is truly encouraging and enables GROWHOUSE to encourage its graduates to give as they receive, which we see as the heart of education.”

Kevin Taylor, President of BT, Asia, Middle East and Africa said: “BT has long been helping communities on digital inclusion. It’s at the heart of our vision for a Better Future, which builds on the power of communications to improve lives and ways of doing business. We believe that everyone should be able to benefit from communications, and that technology can help overcome barriers. This is why we are pleased to partner with GROWHOUSE on this initiative to help the underprivileged students in Hong Kong realize their potential.”