Spend a meaningful Saturday afternoon in a classy Bookstore in the town!

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Room to Read to support their global mission to educate 10 million children by 2015!

We are very excited to have Mr. Rick Smith to share his thoughts on Open Day.  Rick has extensive experience in education focusing on gifted and/or highly talented students.  His talk, “The bridge towards giftedness for all kinds of minds”, will inspire you on how to walk alongside your child on such a journey.

You can also experience FREE demonstration of a top-notched English Literacy Programme (ages 5 – 16) devised by London Gifted & Talented. Through a proven methodology for gifted education, learners will master the art of critical reading, listening and thinking by exploring written, visual and film texts. As they build essential questioning and observation skills, learners will develop the ability to clearly formulate, articulate and support their arguments. Through their enhanced appreciation of literature and film, learners will also acquire necessary cultural capital which will prepare them for higher education and later life.

Come to our classroom demonstrations on our OPEN DAY.

Talk: “The bridge towards giftedness for all kinds of minds”  
Guest Speaker:
Mr. Rick Smith, Education Psychologist, B.Ed & M.Ed (USA), PGCE (Bath, UK); trained with HGSE, the IBO, and HKAGE

Mr. Smith will elaborate on the concept of “giftedness/highly-talented” through a perspective of education, and explain the methods on how to develop a child’s critical thinking skills to navigate his future regardless of his innate abilities. An illustration of the “Thinking Slow” concept, as introduced by Daniel Kahneman, will also be presented. This is the chance for parents and students alike to find out how giftedness and talent are defined from educational and psychological standpoints. It is also an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on the relationship between personal development, giftedness and critical thinking, as well as how asking the right questions can sometimes be more important than finding the answers.

Mr. Rick Smith, B.Ed & M.Ed (USA), a PGCE (Bath, UK)
Mr. Smith has worked and studied in the field of education for the past 15 years. His focus has been students with exceptional needs, including those who are considered to be gifted or highly talented, or both. He holds a B.Ed & M.Ed (USA), a PGCE (Bath, UK) and is in the final stages of completing his doctoral studies at The University of Bath, UK. His research interests are in contemplative teaching practices. He has trained with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the International Baccalaureate Organization, and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education. He is currently providing educational support for students with exceptional needs at Central Health and acting as Head of Education and program director for The Thrive Initiative, a therapeutic residential care facility for young adults.

Programme Demonstration

3.00pm – 3.30pm    Stage 1,  Ages 5 – 8
3.30pm – 4.00pm    Stage 2,  Ages 8 – 11
5.00pm – 5.30pm    Stage 3,  Ages 11 – 13
5.30pm – 6.00pm    Stage 4,  Ages 14 – 16

Talk by Mr. Rick Smith

4.00pm – 5.00pm

* with drinks and light refreshments

Limited seats available. Please RSVP at 3468-7620 or email