Our courses provide Fiction enthusiasts with many opportunities to be stretched and challenged even with leisure reading materials. This can help ease imaginers into making reading a daily habit and can stimulate personal growth and actualise individual achievement.

Recommended Ages 5-8

The emerging reader will develop empathy, creativity and imaginative dialogue with the texts. There will be activity-based learning related to the issues, characters and dilemmas.

Recommended Ages 8-11

The reader will think through and process the issues, characters and dilemmas in order to promote empathy and imagination. They will also explore a key aspect of the writer’s craft.

Recommended Ages 11-13

Rooted in an appreciation of the writer’s craft and how it draws us into the world of the novel, the reader engages not only with the subtleties of storytelling, but also with current issues.

Recommended Ages 13+

Readers will develop a more intense engagement with the story and its main characters. The key ‘craft’ issues will be woven in to the detailed lesson plans for each session.

*Starting literacy learning early can be an important first step to increase enjoyment of and preparedness for the GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A-Level and AP programmes.