2017 / 2018 School Term Course Fee

Early Book Explorer (age 4)

60 minutes per session

Weekly session $360

Monthly fee (4 sessions) $1,440

Book Explorer 1 (age 5)

Book Explorer 2 (ages 6 – 7)

Book Explorer 3 (ages 7 – 8)

60 minutes per session

Monthly Fee (4 sessions) $2,400

Discovery (ages 5 – 6)

Pioneer (ages 7 – 8)

Expedition (ages 9 – 10)

60 minutes per session

Monthly Fee (4 sessions) $2,400

Ascend (ages 11+)

90 minutes per session

Monthly Fee (4 sessions) $2,880

Please note: Minimum 2 students per session, and maximum 8 students per session. If your first choice time is not available, we will suggest an alternative time.

Discounts Available *

Morning Advantage: 20% discount for weekday morning classes (Mon- Fri) for regular school term-time programmes.

Continuation: Existing students are eligible for 10% discount when continuing on to further units.

Family: Siblings who both sign up for a complete unit at the same time are each eligible for a 10% discount. No retrospective discounts for a sibling who is already signed up.

7-for-6: Seven students signing up for complete units at the same time will just pay for six (14% saving). Students are not required to sign up for the same unit.

*  only one discount can be applied at one time. Not applicable for the Ascend programme.