Early Book Explorer (age 4)

  1. The Very Cranky Bear series (4 sessions of 1 hour each)

Better understanding and expression of emotions

How do you feel? Using the gentle, colourful series of picture books, we explore simple emotions, as students learn through Bear’s experiences of feeling cranky, hungry, itchy and brave. Through the sessions students are encouraged to express how they feel in different situations, and expand their emotional vocabulary.


  1. The Pip and Posy Series (4 sessions of 1 hour each)

Introducing consequence-based thinking in friendships

How do you make (and keep) friends? Learners’ read about the everyday experiences of two young friends, Pip and Posy, who always seem to get into trouble with each other, but – through the power of friendship, honesty, sharing and support – always remain friends at the end. Learners are encouraged to relate these stories to their own experiences, as an introducing to thinking about the consequences of actions taken.


  1. The Feel Brave Series (12 sessions of 1 hour each)

Learning to manage emotions

Life can be hard sometimes! Wolfgang is a young wolf who is often afraid when faced with new situations. But Spider is always there to help, and offer advice and encouragement on how Wolfgang can face his fears and stand up for himself. Through the stories, learners are encouraged to consider their own emotions, and develop deeper thinking about how to handle difficult situations.