Book Explorer 3 (ages 8-9)


Provides exposure to a range of literature, to promote reading for pleasure and develop critical thinking skills. A careful selection of well-known contemporary and classic literature is incorporated into each stage. Readers explore aspects of the books such as plot, characters, purpose, audience and themes, and use what they have learnt in producing their own written or illustrative pieces.


The Levels:

  1. Age 5: Picture Books (20 sessions of 1 hour each)
  2. Ages 6 – 7: Chapter Books (20 sessions of 1 hour each)
  3. Ages 8 – 9 Advanced Fiction (20 sessions of 1 hour each)


Empathy development

Expressing understanding through verbal and written responses

Applying learning to own creations

Learning questioning and analysis techniques to develop critical reading and thinking for a better understanding of key themes and issues