Book Explorers

Using worldwide best-sellers, BOOK EXPLORERS is a preparatory programme which is suitable for young learners who may not be keen readers, and wish to develop more reading skills. Through various purposeful learning activities, i.e. mind mapping, storytelling, recreating stories, presentation and sharing, learners will start building a foundation for critical and creativity thinking. Meanwhile they will look closely at different literary tools, storytelling techniques and their impact on the story. They will be taught to probe the text and ask questions, whilst reflecting and discussing the themes and issues that are identified.

Learning objectives include:

    • Develop strong reading skills
    • Listen critically
    • Explore and discuss ideas
    • Learn independently through igniting a passion of reading
    • Question to deepen understanding
    • Exhibit confidence in group work

Recommended Ages 

Stage 1 A                     5 – 6

Stage 1 B                     7 – 8

Stage 2                        8 – 11 

Length of each session :  90 minutes

Duration of BOOK EXPLORER : Once a week, 10 weeks

Course Fee                                               $5,400