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Our Book Recommendations

Hello, hello, hello! Here at GROWHOUSE, we hope to recommend the young very different books to pleasure the mind and imagination. Our collaboration with The Junior Standard has helped us to expose children to different books with distinct worlds. Above, you can see that we have some themed collections featuring British comedian/author David Walliams, books by Malorie Blackman, […]

Raising Kids Who Think

We all want our children to form inquisitive minds, but sometimes it’s not always the strict critical thinking we hear about in school. Sometimes we need to step back and let them really process what has happened and what they have been learning lately. According to MaryAnne, the blogger who runs MamaSmiles.com, there are five steps […]

Critical Thinking: How to Grow Your Child’s Mind

Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD in Human Development, poses the following questions in her article on RootsofAction.com: “What kind of thinker is your child?  Does he believe everything on TV?  Does she always figure out how to get what she wants? Does he ask questions?  Does she go along with what her friends suggest?” Price-Mitchell then identifies three common […]

Teaching Children to Think

We all know it’s easy to teach children what to think, but is it easy, let alone possible, to teach children how to think? With so much emphasis put in IQ and child “giftedness,” parents can sometimes believe it’s not possible to teach their child how to be a creative, critical thinker. William R. Klemm, a senior professor of […]