Vision and Mission

Take Root Below, Bear Fruit Above (往下紮根 往上結果)

GROWHOUSE advocates the nurturing of Creativity, Critical Thinking and Mindfulness in learners. We believe that these qualities enable one to lead a successful life. Life is a nurturing process. We are born with individual traits and unique attributes that need to be cultivated in order to bear fruit.

GROWHOUSE learners take away integral ingredients for bearing good fruit with literary appreciation, cultural capital and metacognitive abilities through our three-pronged learning approach:

3E Approaches

Enrichment: GROWHOUSE literacy programmes -Fiction, Film, Non-Fiction and Book Explorer

Exploration: Books, extended readings, book clubs and literary events

Experience: Coaching for competitions, community service projects and book authorship

An important part of our vision is for all learners to give as they receive. Through GROWHOUSE, we offer community service opportunities for our graduates to share their learning with those who do not have the resources they need to grow. We partner with other like-minded literacy talents and corporations to make this enjoyable literacy experience available to underprivileged students. We believe that lives can be powerfully changed through improved literacy.