Our Team

GROWHOUSE comes with a team of seasoned professionals and enthusiasts in bringing out the best of critical thinking, cultural capital and effective profile in learners. Trained by London Gifted and Talented, our teachers are effective education specialists across the board, with relevant experience and qualifications in education, gifted and talented provision, literature, film, media, creative writing and debate. They are trained not just to deliver a suite of highly-effective programmes, but to engage meaningfully with students and parents throughout their individual learning pathways.

In parallel, our retail team is committed to realising the power of books in our lives, working closely with international publishers, authors, and London Gifted and Talented to introduce what makes reading both an enjoyable and purpose-driven experience.

Our team is diverse in background but complementary in expertise, sharing compassion for our community at large. We understand the challenges of today’s learners, and hope to communicate our one purpose: to develop better readers and thinkers, and ultimately, global citizens who use their critical minds, creativity, and mindfulness to make an impact beyond academic and career excellence.