The Importance of Teaching Children Critical Thinking Skills

A favorite question parents often ask is, “If your friends all jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?” Unless straddled with the proper equipment, the answer is usually no! It is the most notable attempt at teaching kids how to decipher when to stop and think about what their friends are doing and whether it’s a good idea to follow suit.

Though the example is extreme, the notion is completely valid. What parent doesn’t want their child to critically think about something before taking action?

This article by Steam Powered Family explores why critical thinking is such an important skill to practice, especially in the internet age where fraud, scams, and viruses seem to be lurking around every corner. It also explains how to practice critical thinking with your child.

It’s tremendously important for parents to educate their children about safely navigating the virtual world as well as the physical world.  Read more to learn how to “arm your child, protect them, and teach them how to think critically while analyzing the world around them.”


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