Teaching Children to Think

We all know it’s easy to teach children what to think, but is it easy, let alone possible, to teach children how to think? With so much emphasis put in IQ and child “giftedness,” parents can sometimes believe it’s not possible to teach their child how to be a creative, critical thinker.

William R. Klemm, a senior professor of Neuroscience at Texas A&M University and writer for Psychology Today, challenges that notion and explains why students may not be showing thinking skills as high as what they are capable of:

“Many students lack the confidence to think for themselves and are actually afraid to try. The reality is that students are natural-born creative thinkers, but the conformity of schools has drilled students into a submission that precludes analytical and creative thinking.”

Though it seems that the only place “thinking outside the box” is excluded is in the school, there are other ways to teach insightful, criticial thinking. Click here to read more about it.



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